The Request a Sample solution for CPG brands™

Get your products in front of new customers, increase retail velocity, and capture first-party data through conversational commerce led sampling experiences.

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What We Do

What We Do

Awareness & Acquisition

Ditch the stale audiences and paper coupons! A multi-channel hyper targeted approach ensures a boat load of high intent local shoppers viewing your offer from day one.
We even create & manage the media for you.

Own the Experience

Your product is unique - that's why your branded landing page reflects the true character of your brand.

Educate your customers

Our digital brand ambassador Sam engages and educates your new customers 1:1 via customized conversations at scale!

No more poorly trained or unreliable brand ambassadors. Just bite-sized shareable experiences that provide quality first-party data.

Automate Reimbursements

You don't have time to review hundreds of receipts. That's why we handle the entire process for you. Our rapid rebate system scans for fraudulent submissions and automatically reimburses your happy customers via Venmo or Paypal.

Our Services

A smiling robot named Sam is having a conversation

Brand Rep 2.0

Our digital brand ambassador ("Sam") builds customer relationships by getting consumers educated and engaged to try your product.

A reporting dashboard showing charts and graphs

First Party Data

First and Zero party data is more important than ever. Capture real-time feedback and analyze trends in our insights dashboard.

A hand with pointer finger selecting a "Request a Sample" button

Request Sample

Integrate our “Request a Sample” module to allow customers to easily secure a full-size sample online or wherever they shop.

A wireframe of a promotional landing page

Landing Page

Fully branded landing pages act as the first touch point for customers to learn more, discover sampling opportunities, purchase products, and spread the word.

A customer support associate on a computer screen

Coming Soon

Showcase your product on our aggregated marketplace, showcase reviews, run live demos and more!

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