Coupon Programs for CPG brands

Friday, July 1, 2022

If you Google the best coupon apps for groceries, you will likely get a ton of blog posts giving you a list of apps that’ll fit the bill. With thousands currently in the market, you may want your CPG brand to be part of it. But who said apps are the best or most efficient for your consumers? 

Did you know that in 2021, “the highest share of consumers in the United States would discover coupons or promos through emails from followed brands or online searches”, according to Statista. Before you jump on the coupon app bandwagon, let’s explore other coupon programs you can use to up your CPG sales. 

Marketing Consumer Packaged Goods

Remember back in "the day" when you would see coupon dispensers in grocery stores? Yeah, those were the good times, and we remember pulling the coupons in every aisle that had one. But now, times are even better, because everything is moving into the digital world. Your consumers are no longer clipping coupons from the newspaper anymore. They can simply get coupons all from their phones, either from your website, your loyalty program, apps, or email marketing. For more ideas, learn about in-store promotion strategies here.

If you want to dive into CPG digital coupon programs, here is the best place to start. To see which method is best for your business, we’ll explore the options of each, based on your consumer’s behavior. 

Coupon Programs for Existing Consumers

Your existing customers are likely part of your loyalty program. They are already familiar with your brand and your products, you just want to keep them loyal by constantly showing them your appreciation. And by doing so, you offer them coupons that will be useful to them. 

Email Coupons

These coupons could be as generic or specific as you please. Generic coupons could be exclusive deals that only email subscribers can get, like, “Here’s $5 off your next purchase”, or “This weekend only, buy 1, get 1 free.” Specific coupons could be tailored to the consumer’s past purchase history. Other examples can be flash sale coupons, newsletter coupons, and free product launch coupons. 

Loyalty Program App

If your CPG brand has its own app, you are golden. Many consumers are constantly looking for legit brand apps that are user friendly, easy to shop, and easy to find coupons for online or in-store use. This gives your existing customers an exclusive, personalized feel that makes them feel valued. Other than email coupons, this is another way to offer coupons to your customers.

Coupon Programs for New Consumers

When thinking of a way to gain more consumers in the digital world, you will have to get a little creative. No more paying for coupons to be printed in newspapers or any other paper form of advertising. Here are some ways to get new customers using a digital coupon marketing tactic. 

Coupons from Ads

Between Google and social media, you can go far when creating ads to offer your coupons. The great thing about digital ads is that you can target your ideal consumers based on their habits and search queries. You can target their age, location, and things they may have searched online to help you reach your target audience. As an added factor, your ad on social media can be shared and saved. But if done wrong, it can be a complete flop.  

Coupons from your Website

This only works if a consumer has heard of you, but hasn’t tried your products yet. Other than your existing customers, creating a blast coupon on your website can help turn a curious customer into a buying customer. Now-a-days, all you need is a QR code that will provide consumers your coupon to show to retail cashiers, and that’s it. And as we all know, if they like it, they will return. 

Sampoll App

Since we are already on the proverbial “coupon train”, here is what Sampoll has to offer. The retail tech company will partner with you to gain active high value customers using their Rapid Rebate™ technology that gets you cash back within 1-3 days via venmo or paypal at any participating retailer in North America.

This is a fundamental difference from your typical coupon offer because Rapid Rebates are attracting shoppers that are interested enough in trying your product to physically go to the store, and pay for the product with their own money. Coupons if not monitored correctly can attract “freebie seekers” and “extreme couponers” that may not be genuinely interested in buying your product after the initial trial.  

First-Party Opt-in Customer Data. This is not something you will receive with a typical coupon program. Sampoll prides itself on generating opt-in e-mails and store-level receipt data from each shopper that redeems a Sampoll brand offer! It goes beyond the free offer to drive a memorable trial experience for the shopper that engages with “Sam,” Sampoll’s AI-enable chat ambassador. Sam helps educate shoppers on your product offering through 1:1 conversational experiences. If only coupons had a face and could talk. Sampoll brings “personality and life” to free offers that were never possible with a static paper coupon! 

So when choosing between coupons vs rapid rebates, why not A/B test Sampoll rapid rebates against your current couponing campaigns and see which approach works best to attract lifetime buyers and actionable shopper insights! 

If you are looking for other ways to drive in-store trial other than a coupon program, contact a Sampoll rep to show you how it all works. Click here to request a demo.