For the Love of CPG Brands

Friday, February 12, 2021

How a brand can win the hearts and minds of the modern day consumer

Do you feel the love? Probably not. Why? There are thousands of new products that enter the market each year, which only fuels the over-saturation and increases the competition for you, the brand, to compete for consumer attention. 

Coupled with recent shifts in consumer behavior, and fragmented D2C buying platforms (like Shopify vs. Amazon), trying to capture the hearts and retain the love of your target customer is harder than ever before. 

Choice overload, otherwise known as analysis paralysis, is the result when consumers are faced with too many choices and thus shut down, and make no decisions. The question we’re looking to answer - is how can we prevent analysis paralysis from occurring? The answer: give consumers a way to sample your products! 

Here is one way CPG brands can leverage sampling to de-risk the choice overload, capture consumers' attention, and ultimately their hearts. 

Beyond the Sample

Sampling helps with top-of-funnel acquisition, however, the Sampoll platform helps CPG brands go beyond the sample to start a conversation with a customer.  In the Sampoll platform you can leverage our conversational bot, SAM to collect valuable first-party data alongside your pre-purchase engagement campaigns. The value this brings is moving the model from a “one and done” interaction to a multi-dimensional engagement. 

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