Is Guerrilla Street Marketing the new normal in 2021?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

With an increase in the percentage of Americans getting COVID vaccines, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and glimpses of hope that we may be heading towards a sense of normalcy in 2021. 

Have you noticed an uptick of people venturing out on the town and feeling more comfortable leaving their houses? If you are a brand that has completely halted in-store or in-person(In Real Life) promotional activity, “guerrilla street marketing” can be a cost-effective solution (as you are closely watching every marketing dollar you spend) to drive more brand activations.  

What Is Guerrilla Street Marketing?

According to Hubspot the term “guerrilla marketing” was created in the early 1980s by the late business writer Jay Conrad Levinson is a marketing tactic that uses guerrilla techniques mostly to play on the element of surprise. It sets out to create highly unconventional campaigns that catch people unexpectedly in the course of their day-to-day routines. 

Guerrilla street marketing can take the form of adding something to a pre-existing urban environment like putting Gold Toe Underwear on the Charging Bull Statue on Wall Street , break dancing in a train station in the UK for the cookie brand, McVities , promoting a product or service at a concert like Coachella , or all of the above with experiential guerilla marketing that requires consumers to interact with the brand through unique and immersive experiences!

Why Guerrilla Marketing? Why Now?  

There are four main reasons why you as a brand should “go guerrilla” according to the national firm ATN Event Staffing

+ Budget-Friendly 

Compared to other experiential marketing strategies, guerrilla marketing relies more on creativity rather than a huge budget.  This makes it an ideal strategy for brands and organizations of any size.

+ High-Impact

Any time a company can catch a consumer off guard and create an instant positive impression is a win.  Consumers will remember the moment and share it…and in the long run, become customers and loyalists.

+ Versatile

Guerrilla marketing can be executed just about anywhere and at any time, leaving you the flexibility to execute on your terms.

+ Easy and Quick to Launch and Execute

Guerrilla marketing thrives on simplicity, therefore, the lead time to launch an activation is relatively short.

The Time is Now! 

Live brand experiences are powerful, they are impactful, and most importantly, they offer real-life connections – and right now, that’s what people miss the most.  It’s time for brands to shine and to get back out there, and guerrilla street marketing will help you to do just that while you wait for live in-person demos and public events (like music festivals) to finally return. I wouldn’t hold my one really knows exactly when they will be back.  

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