Retail Sampling in 2022

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Written by: Ashley Randall

Who would have thought? Honestly… Who would have thought how much impact COVID would have on the retail space in 2022? From contactless curbside pickup to groceries delivered onto your doorstep, retailers are making it easier for their consumers to shop using technology. When it comes to retail sampling, consumers aren’t seeing in-store demo products as they have in the past. Since there aren’t many brick and mortar retailers doing store demos anymore, many CPG brands are moving towards using retail sampling technology. 

According to PPMS, 81% of respondents said they would walk up to a kiosk of a brand if they offered a free sample. Consumers always favor free samples. But what happens when most of your customers aren’t physically visiting retail stores anymore? Let’s explore a new way to offer product sampling to new and existing consumers with online retail strategies

What is retail sampling?

Retail sampling is part of an experimental marketing strategy to introduce products to new and existing consumers. This helps increase sales and build brand awareness and loyalty for consumer packaged good brands in retail stores. Before COVID-19, CPG brands participated in retail store sampling to allow consumers to test their products while in the store. The great thing about product sampling is that many customers look forward to trying samples in the store. 

Popular retail stores such as Trader Joes, Costco, Publix, Sam's Club, and Whole Foods were known for being the “free sample” capitals. Many customers would shop in those stores just to receive a free sample of anything they can get their hands on. While some retailers still allow some in-store demos, most brands are switching up their retail strategy to keep up with current trends in retail technology.

What retail strategies to use in marketing?

As we move into the digital world, CPG brands must find new, creative ways to market their products in stores and online. It starts with creating a new retail strategy. This involves making a retail marketing plan to sell your products in the stores by setting up the price, incentives, promotions, product placement, displays, and customer demographics per store location. 

Another way to think of it is in-store shopper marketing. It is to help guide consumers through their path to purchase in the retail store with displays, incentives and promotions. Display advertisements will get the customer’s attention. Incentives, such as samples, will entice the customer. And promotions such as coupons will help influence the customer to make a purchase. But since most consumers are shopping online using apps and websites, it is best to create an online retail strategy

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How can Sampoll help with retail strategies and product sampling?

With an online retail strategy, you first connect with your target audience virtually where they hang out the most. Here is where Sampoll can help. Using multiple retail channel marketing, Sampoll will help you connect with consumers who will benefit most from your products. Sampoll is a retail demo service to help your CPG brand increase sales velocity in stores with product sampling. 

Sampoll’s technology targets customers by their interests, age, and location to accurately match them to your products using digital ads, organic communities, and groups. If interested, they will be directed to our AI-powered Chat Ambassador, “Sam”, who speaks directly to your consumer in a 1 on 1 conversation in your brand’s tone. “Sam” builds customer relationships by keeping them engaged, educating them about your product, and collecting customer feedback. “Sam” also tells them where and how to get your product.

They can easily get their products from their local stores or shop on the participating retailer app for contactless delivery. Once they purchase the product, they snap a picture of the product along with the receipt, upload the picture to the Sampoll chat ambassador experience, and within 24-72 hours, they will receive their cashback rebate.

Not only will this help build your brand and trust with new and existing consumers, you will also collect first party feedback directly from them. This customer feedback can be used to produce better products and enhance user experiences in retail stores and customer service. Your customers will feel valued and appreciated more by taking action on their recommendations. Sampoll is here to help you with it all. 

We are currently in the future of brick and mortar retail. Let’s make the most of it by moving into a digital retail space. If your CPG brand is ready to step into modern retail technologies, contact a Sampoll rep to request a demo