What is a Digital Launchpad for CPG Brands?

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Let's face it, the future is digital. This means CPG brands are starting to implement changes in how they conduct marketing demos.  In the past, cpg retail brands relied on in person demonstration events to showcase their products. It was thought to be the only way of getting people to try products for free.

In-store Demo vs Online Launchpad Demo

In-store demos come with inherent obstacles. For example, limited customer reach due to limitations of daily foot traffic per store. Also, a possibility of exposing your product to uninterested audiences which doesn’t equate to more retail sales. Chances are that a good portion of shoppers that walk by your in-store demo may not necessarily fancy your superfood bars or veggie burgers. 

In addition, relying on in person staff to properly demonstrate your product and educate the customer in a clear and concise manner can prove to be troublesome. Moreover, in person demonstrations don’t acquire customer information that can be used for future retargeting purposes.

There are many more problematic consequences that can arise if companies continue to use this outdated model of product demonstrations. Consequences such as poor marketing budget management, and fruitless campaigns that don’t produce noteworthy results.

Benefits of digital demos

There are many benefits to pivoting towards a digital form of product demonstrations. Digital demonstrations only must be produced once, and customers can watch on-demand content and rewatch it as many times as they want!

That’s unlimited playback ability, in comparison to one-time product demonstration events. Digital demos offer a contactless presentation, which is very important to many people in the post-covid landscape.

Digital demos allow your product to be displayed to thousands of more people all over the globe, and/or can be segmented to be shown in certain areas of your choice. Leveraging online launchpad demos allows for more accurate audience targeting. For example, sending free natural product ads to health-conscious individuals.

Furthermore, brands can use influencers on social media and other platforms to showcase their products. Influencers usually have a strong impact in their communities and can create great awareness for CPG brands.

In addition, brands have begun to leverage new demos by leveraging programs like Amazon Launchpad, among others . The digital launch pad is basically a place where companies can showcase their new products to amazon’s customer base. This is a very smart way to promote and gain massive exposure for product launches.

Lastly, a retail tech solution known as Sampoll is leading the way in CPG with a new digital-first product sampling platform for retail which makes the digital demonstration process fun and exciting for customers looking to try products for free in nearby retail stores.

Sampoll is powered by AI chat technology that engages consumers and provides an amazing chat experience combined with visual presentation of your products. This entices customers to explore a variety of items such as nature to go products and healthy vegan snacks.  Customers can leave free product reviews which are critical so that CPG brands can accurately assess the public’s view on their products and make changes accordingly. 

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