What is in store demo staffing?

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

In store demo staffing consists of hiring staff to conduct in store demonstrations. In store marketing has been a widely used product marketing strategy for decades. Marketing managers often use in store promotions to stimulate the sales of new or existing products. 

In store demos are a highly effective form of product advertising. There are many benefits of handing out free samples. For example, it gives CPG brands a chance to reel in customers by letting them trial your product. However, issues have arisen due to new safety guidelines that have been put into place because of the pandemic.

There are also some other setbacks that can occur when hiring staff for in store demonstrations. For example, most of the time the instore marketers hired are not from within the company. Usually, in store demo staff hiring is outsourced to third parties. 

This unfortunately means you often end up with poor brand representation. Having well trained in store demo staff and brand ambassadors is critical. Your message and/or products must be presented correctly and professionally. This is paramount to establishing your brand for the long term.

A New Vision of In Store Demonstrations

The pandemic basically halted in store demo presentations for most of 2020. CPG brands had no choice but to search for new retail tech solutions, like Sampoll that  re-imagine product sampling. For instance, Food and Beverage companies realized that they should not limit themselves to physical in store demo presentations. Instead, CPG brands had to find new ways to promote their products and offer samples to potential clients. 

An alternative way to run sampling promotions is to use contactless product sampling programs. These programs are ideal because your business can reap a lot more rewards than by using traditional methods.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Completely contactless product sampling business model which is highly attractive to consumers in this current climate.
  • Reach thousands of more qualified and hyper targeted audiences via Paid Media targeting.
  • Target key audiences by leveraging analytics in different web platforms.
  • Gain key consumer insights from the analytics.
  • Run product sampling campaigns monthly, not just for a one or two-day period like a traditional in store demo.

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